Nutrition Newsletter

Nutrition Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our new Nutrition Newsletter!  Fittingly enough, the October 2013 issue is about apples, and what could possibly be a better topic for fall?

Compiled by our own Kathy Manning, it’s filled with helpful facts about cooking apples, apple picking, and other related information.

We look forward to this new monthly publication, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Thanksgiving is a time of hearty family feasts, football games played with the crisp chill of fall in the air, and a joyous holiday feeling pervading our lives.  Please click below for our Thanksgiving newsletter prepared by Kathy Manning.

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The frosty winds and temperatures of winter are usually in full force by December, but the tasty warmth of foods like hot chocolate and hot oatmeal chase the chill away.  We invite you to browse our December nutrition newsletter prepared by Kathy Manning for some wonderful food facts and recipes!

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APRIL 2014 NUTRITION NEWSLETTER  please click here for newsletter

May 2014 newsletter (1)  please click here for newsletter.  This edition has great news from the MA Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education about BHR having a high level of success and participation in its School Breakfast Program.

Nutrition Newsletter June 2014  please click here for newsletter  This edition has lots of information about food safety, an important topics with warm weather on the way, as well as outdoor picnics, barbecues, and so forth.

September newsletter 2014  please click here for newsletter  The Welcome Back edition!  It’s great to have all of our students and staff back at Blue Hills after summer vacation.  Please take a moment to read through the September nutrition newsletter.  It concerns the National School Lunch Program, a topic of interest to many.  Thanks, as always, to our Kathy Manning for putting this publication together.

OCTOBER 2014 please click here for newsletter There ‘s a detectable nip in the air, the sky is frequently a brilliant, cloudless blue, and those signs can only point to the beginning of the fall season.  With that in mind, Kathy Manning has compiled the October nutrition newsletter, which is filled with recipes and facts about apples, as well as information about apple picking for the whole family.

NOVEMBER NUTRITION NEWSLETTER When we think of an emblem of fall, the pumpkin often comes to mind.  But what do you do with them after Halloween?  The November edition of our Nutrition newsletter, expertly compiled by Kathy Manning, has some tasty ideas for things you can do with those leftover pumpkins that will keep you smiling long after the ghosts and goblins of October 31 have departed.

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